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After Braces Placement

Pain:  It is normal to have tenderness and discomfort in your teeth for 3 to 7 days after the braces are put on.  Tylenol or Advil, particularly at bedtime may help to make you more comfortable.  You may also find the teeth are tender for 1 or 2 days after each adjustment appointment.  Discomfort means your teeth are moving and progress is being made.

Tissue Care:  Tissues inside cheeks and lips may develop sore spots due to the irritation from the brackets and wires.  Dry the area with a tissue and place some wax over the braces until the tissue has healed.  The tissues usually accommodate the appliance or braces within 10 to 14 days.  Rinsing with warm salt water 1/4 tsp of salt in 8 ounces of lukewarm water) can help heal mouth sores quickly.

Eating:  Hard, crunchy, chewy and sticky foods must not be eaten since they may bend the wires and loosen brackets.  Start by eating softer foods like yogurt, soup and oatmeal and gradually increase to your normal diet.

Cleaning:  Keep up a regular schedule of brushing and flossing to prevent cavities and keep the gums healthy. Proper cleaning is essential to preventing cavities and keeps the gums healthy.  Brush under the braces along the gum line (top and bottom) with a side to side motion.  Brush the braces themselves and then the rest of the mouth.  Do a lot of rinsing during brushing so food does not simply dislodge from one area and lodge in another.  It is imperative that the teeth be brushed after every time you eat.  Flossing should be done once a day.  Thread the floss under the wires using a floss threader in difficult to reach areas.  After brushing and flossing check to ensure all brackets are securely attached to the teeth and none of the wires are bent or broken.   You will still need regular check-ups and cleanings every 6 months.  It is also very important that you keep your monthly adjustment appointments in order for us to monitor your hygiene, as well to make sure everything is healthy and in order.

Playing Sports:  Wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and braces!  The best mouth guard can be purchased at sport check or the drug store.  This kind of mouth guard can be molded and adjusted by boiling it and inserting it in your mouth, it can be remolded as your teeth move and change.  After you are done treatment and your braces are removed we can make a custom mouthguard for you.





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