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Dental Emergencies

General Dental Emergencies

In Case of a Dental Emergency

If you are experiencing pain from your teeth, mouth, or jaws, please review the following tips to see if they will address your concerns. 

When the office is closed we can be contacted by email.  Our email is checked once daily while we are not in the office.  You can also contact Emergency Dental YYC at 587-351-2243. 104 4014 Macleod Trail S.E. Calgary AB. T2G 1X5

If you are having discomfort from your teeth, we recommend the use of Ibuprofen (Advil), as the best medication for dental pain. It tends to work better than Tylenol for these problems. If you experience swelling of your face, then antibiotics may be required.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Pain from your teeth can be a sign of a potential infection or problem with the nerves in your tooth.  If the pain does not start to diminish or is not controllable with regular pain killers like Tylenol or Advil, then you likely have a condition that needs to be addressed.  Contact our office by phone or by email at fishcreekdental@gmail.com. We regularly check our email when we are out of the office.

Anytime you develop swelling in your face or gums around your teeth you will likely need to see a a dentist.  If we are unavailable and you cannot find a dentist to see, then visiting a walk-in clinic is a good idea to make sure you do not have any other type of problem and potentially to receive a prescription for antibiotics to help to relieve the infection.  If you begin taking antibiotics, and the swelling and or pain diminishes, you should still come to see us so we can make sure the problem does not return!

chipped or broken tooth can be an emergency, especially if it is painful, or unsightly.  If the chipped area is just sensitive to cold then try and avoid contacting the area.  Some people will place Orthodontic wax on the area to protect it (available at most drug stores).  The sensitivity is the worst right after a tooth chips, but can diminish quite quickly.  We will try and see you as soon as possible, if you must have it addressed while we are out of the office, again please contact one of the dental clinics who is covering for us during our absence.

If you have a loose or missing Orthodontic bracket or wire, this is more of a nuicance than an emergency.  We will try and replace the loose or missing bracket as soon as is reasonably possible for you.  If a wire is rubbing and you are not able to work around it, and Orthodontic Wax is not helping, then it is possible to clip the wire as short as possible with nail clippers or wire cutters – BE VERY CAREFUL!  Make sure the tool is as clean as possible first.  If you have any doubt, then do not attempt and see a dentist.

A loose Orthodontic appliance is usually not an emergency, unless it is stuck and hurting the gums or teeth.  Generally if it is a removable appliance, and you cannot wear it, then leave the appliance out and let our office know so we can address it as soon as possible.  If a glued in appliance comes loose, but not completely out, you can leave this in place if it does not cause any discomfort.  If a glued in appliance comes unglued and comes out, then just leave it out until you see us.  we would prefer you do not see any other dentist to repair or recement any Orthodontic appliances.

Sore jaws are not an emergency, unless you are stuck and cannot open or close your mouth.  In these cases, seeing either a dentist or a walk-in medical clinic may be of great assistance.  This is usually the result of the jaw joint either dislocating or having a muscle spasm.  It is often beneficial to try and keep the teeth separated slightly and to avoid chewing on hard food while the jaws are sore.  Muscle relaxants like Robaxacet for back pain are often very helpful for these problems.  You can also find in the dental section of most drug stores a mouth guard that is designed for grinding, but this can be used to keep the teeth separated and allow the jaw joint to relax and begin to return to normal.  Always let our office know if you have experienced locking of the jaws that lasts for more than a few minutes.

We hope this is helpful, and remember to let our office know if you do have a problem with your teeth or jaws.  And if you are not sure if you should see someone immediately, it is always safer to do so than to wait and have a bigger problem later!

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