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When Should My Child Start Braces?

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Everyone is different.  Just because friends and other kids their age have braces, does not mean your child needs them as well. Starting too early will unnecessarily prolong treatment.

An individual’s growth and development dictates when we start. We look to see that the adult teeth are able to erupt without interference and our goal is to refrain from extracting any teeth. Regular 6 month checkups allow us to stay on top of your child’s tooth alignment and any possible eruption problems.

Occasionally children’s jaws do not grow in the right way to allow the permanent teeth to erupt.  These situations may require an early intervention, usually with something called an appliance or retainer.  This step, if needed, will greatly facilitate future treatment, and can occasionally eliminate some future treatments.

Once the adult teeth have erupted, we can determine how they are aligned and how they come together. At that time we can decide on the best course of action for your child.

Our goal is to provide the shortest treatment time with the best results!




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