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Child's First Visit to a Dentist

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Our goal at Fish Creek Dental is to make your child’s first experience at the dental office the best possible! We all know how these first impressions can remain with us for a lifetime.

We welcome children early on, to come with their parents and older siblings to their dental visits to familiarize themselves with the office and staff.  We offer a kids area with great visual access to all operatories in the office.

We feel there should be little pressure, and or expectation, associated with your child’s first visit.  Some children at the age of 2 are more than willing to jump into the chair and have their teeth cleaned.  While others, at 3 or 4 still need a little coaxing, and their confidence built up with a slower approach. We like to have at least tried to see every child by age 3, they may not have much done, but it allows us to start the familiarization process.

At any time if your child is experiencing pain or discomfort, they should be seen immediately.

We hope to create a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment for you and your family!




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