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CEREC Crowns and Fillings

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We are pleased to offer our patients CEREC crowns and fillings.  Now, instead of having a metal crown made over two separate appointments, we are able to offer a ceramic (tooth-coloured) crown or filling in one visit!

This is a superior method of creating a very precisely designed, colour-matched, and highly durable restoration, right in our office!

Digital Impression: In place of traditional impressions, CEREC uses a state-of-the-art digital 3D camera to create an optical impression for your mouth.  This eliminates those goopy impression materials.

Computer Aided Design (CAD): CAD software allows us to design every precise detail of your crown or filling. The software allows us to customize the shape of these to exactly fit your specific needs.

Milling: Diamond coated instruments mill a ceramic block to reproduce the design.

Final Product: Within a few hours you can leave our office with a customized ceramic crown or filling!

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