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Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush

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We often are overwhelmed with which toothbrush is the best. Both manual and electric toothbrushes can do an excellent job cleaning your teeth. The secret to success generally lies in technique. If you spend a full 2 minutes brushing, and cover all surfaces thoroughly, a manual toothbrush can do a great job. An electric toothbrush does a lot of the work for you, as long as you are positioning it properly and contacting all of the teeth surfaces it will clean very well. Since the electric toothbrush is cleaning and scrubbing for you, it requires less attention to technique compared to a manual brush.  Not all electric toothbrushes are created equal, there are generally three types of electric toothbrushes; rotating, oscillating, and sonic.

Rotating brushes are the cheapest and can spin anywhere from 200-1500 rpm. Most of these tend to drive food and plaque into the gums due to their rotating action and are there for not recommended.

Oscillating brushes, like the Oral-B 3D series are excellent brushes. They have rechargeable batteries and built in timers. They range in price from $90-140 they do not drive things into the gums and do an overall thorough job of cleaning the teeth. These brushes are oscillating from 5000-20,000 rpm.

The third type of electric toothbrush is the sonic brushes. These again are more expensive brushes ranging from $110-200 and tend to have a higher sonic rate, from 28,000-48,800 Hz. Their bristles tend to clean significantly better than the other rechargeable brushes and in clinical testing sonic always performs best. They are excellent brushes for any age and are very easy to use.

The overall best electric toothbrushes are those produced by Sonicare. They are durable, easy to use, and readily available. At Fish Creek Dental we sell the professional model Sonicare toothbrush for adults at $150 and children’s model for $60, both of which we get at cost and do not mark up for our patients. If you have any questions about electric toothbrushes or which model is right for you and your family, feel free to discuss this with any of the dental team working at Fish Creek Dental.   

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