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Is Sleep Dentistry Safe?

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Many people hate going to the dentist.  A lot of these fears are the result of a bad childhood experience, or a traumatic, painful procedure, or, just a general dislike of pointy things in their mouths.  This leads some people to avoid the dentist, which can create bigger problems for them, or to seek out alternative techniques that could be less “painful.”  

One of the new fads in dentistry right now is Sleep Dentistry.

Sleep Dentistry is not exactly what most people think of when they think of being put to sleep for a surgical procedure under a general anaesthetic.  It involves the taking of oral medications, or occasionally medication through an I.V.  Most dental offices will utilize oral medication and wait for the desired level of drowsiness to occur. Then begin work on the patient.  The problem with this approach is that every person will respond differently to the medications. Some will be deeply sedated, while others may experience very little sedation.  It is easy to give a person more medication, but virtually impossible to take it away!

There have been several cases of people receiving these oral sedation drugs who have needed to be revived.  Unfortunately most dental offices are poorly established or trained in life saving recovery.  There have been several cases of people entering a coma or not waking at all from oral sedatives.

We feel that in the right setting, (a hospital or oral surgeons office), where there are trained professionals and anaesthesiologists to assist or resuscitate a patient, sedative agents are a safe approach.  But for most people, and for routine dental care, they are not appropriate.

In spending the necessary time with patients, being as gentle as we can, being minimally invasive and conservative, we can manage even very fearful people. 

A little extra caring and compassion by the dental team goes a long way to easing person’s fears!

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