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Sports Mouthguards

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Mouthguards are strongly recommended and even mandatory in some sports.  They can be made for all activities including high contact specialized sports like kickboxing, regular contact sports such as hockey, or to cover a multitude of activities.

Having a custom-made mouthguard as opposed to a store bought “boil and bite” item will not only improve the fit, but also improve comfort and not impede breathing or speech. With the improved fit they will not slip out of place with any jarring contact.

Not only can a mouthguard protect your teeth, it can also guard against injuries from dangerous contact and falls. It helps to reduce forces that may cause concussions, cerebral haemorrhage, neck injuries, and jaw fractures!

With the mandatory use of helmets for many sports, the benefits for reducing concussions and their associated consequences are becoming much more obvious.  This is quickly becoming recognized as a more important reason to wear a mouthguard than for the protection of the teeth alone.

Mouthguards can be made in two appointments about a week apart.  Digital images would be taken of your teeth and the mouthguard fabricated from these very detailed images.  They are available for all ages and come in a variety of colours!

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