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Orthodontic Problems

If you are having difficulty with your braces or appliance and we are not in the office.  Please try the following advice:

  1. Lost Bracket:  It is common for an occasional bracket to come unglued, especially in the first few weeks.  If a bracket has fallen off, please use the dental wax we have provided to prevent rubbing and discomfort to the surrounding tissue.  A bracket can be missing for a few days or even a week and not affect the overall process.  We will replace the bracket at our next available appointment.

  2. Pokey Wire: If a wire is poking your gums toward the back of your mouth, please also try the dental wax to relieve your discomfort.  Sometimes the wire has popped out of a bracket or becomes long as the teeth move.  If the wire has come out of the back bracket, you can try to put the wire back into the last tube bracket using clean tweezers.  If the wire has become long, first try and push the wire back in through the last bracket.  If this does not work, then very carefully using clean nail clippers, trim the wire.  It the wires are still bothering you, we will trim or move the wire at our next available appointment.

  3. Loose Appliance: If an appliance feels loose, try not to play with it.  This will prevent the appliance from being damaged.  Try and continue to use the appliance as much as possible. Please contact our office for an appointment and we will be able to fix the appliance, or glue it back into place.  This will not affect treatment time or delaying or hindering any progress made.

  4. Sore Teeth:  After the initial placement of braces or an appliance, some tooth soreness is normal; this is because the teeth are moving.  An anti-inflammatory pain reliever such as Advil can be used to help with the pain.  Eating softer foods is a good idea for the first few days, especially just after you get your braces.

  5. Lost Separator: A separator is elastic, which is placed between your back molar teeth.  We use them to create space around your molars prior to cementing a band around your tooth.  Sometimes the separator comes out this means the teeth have moved.  If you have a follow up appointment to place the appliance we do not need to replace the separator.

Any further question pleases review our After Braces Placement for information on how to take care of your braces and appliances.

Any questions email or call us and we will be happy to help you.

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