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Post Extraction Instructions

Suggested Healing Instructions

  1. Keep constant pressure to stop bleeding.  Bite down on the gauze provided for 15-20 minutes.  Change the gauze every 15-20 minutes until the bleeding in general has stopped.  If bleeding is prolonged, try biting on a wet tea bag, this usually works really fast!  Make sure the gauze or tea bag is positioned exactly where the tooth was.
  2.  Avoid Rinsing for 24 hours.  Any rinsing or sucking motion such as drinking through a straw or smoking can dislodge the clot inside the socket, which is vital to the healing process.  After 3 days you can rinse with salt water (¼ tsp. per cup) as needed to keep your mouth clean.
  3. No Smoking for 24 hours.  This increases the chance of infection ten-fold!!
  4. Avoid Aspirin and Ibuprofen for 24 hours.
  5. Apply Ice. 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, to keep swelling down.
  6. Any Antibiotics or other prescriptions, take only as instructed.

If you have any further questions, concerns or complications don’t hesitate to call us or email.

After Having a Tooth Pulled / Extraction Surgery

The number one thing to do following a tooth extraction is to get the bleeding to stop.  When you leave our office you will be biting on some gauze.  You are to try and keep pressure on this gauze for about 15 minutes.  at that time, remove the gauze and replace it with another small wad of gauze, we would have given you a small bag with gauze in it before you left our office.  Usually two pieces of gauze folded into a small square, put right over top of where the tooth was removed from and then normal biting pressure to hold it in place.

This pressure will usually stop the bleeding easily with in the first 20-40 minutes.  If the bleeding continues, then you are likely not placing the gauze over the hole where the tooth came out!  This can be very difficult especially when you are frozen.  Sometimes a mirror is useful, or you may have to find a family member or friend to assist you with this.

If you run out of gauze then a wet tea bag will work very well as a substitute.  Wet the tea bag, wring in out and then place it over the hole where the tooth came out and put pressure on it.  This will usually stop the bleeding very quickly.

The freezing will come out in between 1 hour and 3 hours depending on the person.  When the freezing comes out there will be some soreness.  I would recommend taking a regular or extra-strength pain killer, like Tylenol or Advil, like you would normally use for other aches and pains.  If you have been given prescription painkillers, you can use those if you choose, but they are NOT mandatory.

If you have been given antibiotics, please start taking these the same day of the tooth removal, and continue to take them until they are ALL gone.

Once you have stopped biting on gauze to control the bleeding, you will want to leave the blood clot alone as log as possible.  If it can stay in place for 3-4 days then the area will heal much quicker and feel better faster.  This means that you do not want to do anything that will dislodge the clot:  no rinsing around the hole, do not poke at the hole, or otherwise play with the hole.  If you feel like you have something in the hole, just leave it alone, your body will take care of it, you do not need to rinse it out as this may dislodge the blood clot and leave the bone exposed.



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