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Teeth Whitening Information

A radiant smile is the first thing people notice about you.  Our whitening products gives you the excellent results you want with a variety of whitening options to fit your lifestyle.    With our professional whitening products we will get the results that you want.  Each patient case is different and our professional opinion will help meet all of  your whitening needs.
Our whitening systems protect your teeth helping prevent sensitivity.   Our products are only available in the dental offices to ensure optimum safety.  They come in different treatment types and strengths to fit lifestyle and sensitivity issues.
Whitening results vary from person to person.  Our at home system gets dramatically whiter teeth in 2 weeks.  Our in office whitening can get your teeth 2-3 shades lighter in a 45 minute visit.  Super whitening combines our in office and take home whitening for the ultimate result.

How long whitening last depends on genetics and habits.  The change, in general, will last for around 1 year, but touch ups can be done after your regular 6 month dental cleaning appointment to maintain your new radiant smile.

At Home Whitening Instructions:

For the best results whitening should be done 1 hour before bed.  Please make sure your teeth are clean, brush and floss teeth.  Trays can be worn for up to 2 weeks for the best results.

  1. Twist cap off the syringe
  2. Place the mixing tip on the end of the syringe.
  3. Place a small amount of gel in each tooth compartment depending on the size of your teeth. It is very important not to put too much gel in your trays, it will cause gum irritation.
  4. Place the tray with gel in your mouth.
  5. Use extra care!  Remove any excess gel with a cotton swab or a dry toothbrush.
  6. Once finished placing the gel in your trays remove the mixing tip from the syringe and replace the clear plastic cap.
  7. After whitening rinse trays with cold water.  Use a tooth brush to remove the gel.
  8. Rinse and brush teeth to remove any excess gel from your teeth using toothpaste.
  9. Avoid staining foods and tobacco for 30 minutes after each treatment.
  10. Continue good oral hygiene.

Side Effects

Sensitivity:  Some patients are more susceptible to sensitivity.  A sensitivity (sensodyne) toothpaste may help to decrease sensitivity.  You may try whitening every other day or ask to use a lower concentration of gel.

Gum Irritation:  The whitening trays extend onto the gums and can cause soft tissue irritation.  Reduce the amount of gel used in the trays and wipe off any gel which gets on the soft tissue. 
Discontinue use and contact our office if the discomfort continues.


Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy/Breast Feeding


Is teeth whitening safe when I am nursing? Teeth whiteners are made of caramide peroxide, which is a formulation of hydrogen peroxide, made of water with an extra oxygen atom. When you use any type of dental whitener, it's recommended that you avoid getting excess amounts of the product on the gums as much as possible.  An excessive amount may cause some irritation and discomfort. When it touches the gum tissue around the teeth, it immediately releases pure hydrogen peroxide.  Which is broken down into water and oxygen.  According to Dr. Thomas Hale author of the book Medications and Mother's Milk 2012, "it would be all but impossible for any to reach breastmilk except under extreme overdose."  Even if absorbed, it would be metabolized in seconds, and not get into the mother or baby's bloodstream.


Is teeth whitening safe when I am pregnant? Although the ingredients used in our tooth whitening products are safe and do not pose any health concerns for a mother or her child, it is possible to cause some problems for a mothers gums.  Many pregnant women will experience some swelling of their gums during pregnancy.  These gums are very delicate and can bleed easily.  In order to avoid problems with gums and minimize the potential for receeding gums, we recommend avoiding tooth whitening products during pregnancy.



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